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Newcastle 1978
The Re-opening

Following a break of 8 years since cycle speedway was staged in Newcastle in 1970, former riders, Alan (Ashie) Patterson, Micky Hoult and Tony Forster decided the time was right to have another go. The track at Eastfield Park was still there, and with a bit of work rideable again.

Although it was late in the year, challenge matches were arranged with Edinburgh and Hull, and so began an unbroken spell of 14 years in which Newcastle became one of the top teams in the North of England.
Tapes went up on  when the newly christened "Tynesiders" took on a strong Edinburgh Select team. Terry Kirkup and Colin Grant were wakened from their 8 year slumber and found out they could now score 4 points for a win and 1 for last.

The Newcastle team put up a fine performance and were in touch with their fitter opponents up to the final race, eventually going down 84-95.
Scorers from this historic meeting were :-
7th October 1978, Newcastle Tynesiders 84 v Edinburgh Select 95
Newcastle Tynesiders  84  
Terry Kirkup 10+2, Fred Mitchell 12, Micky Hoult 10+2, Dave Armstrong 14+1, Rob Gittus 15+2,Ashie Patterson 12+1 all from 5 rides, Colin Grant 6+1 Dave Baxter 5+2 from 3 rides.
Edinburgh Select 95   
D Sharp 15+2, J Wallis 12+1, J Murphy 14, D Muir 13+1, J Pinkerton 20, B Murphy 10 all from 5, A Rendall 8+1, T Steldon 3 from 3.

Results from 1978: -
07/10/78 Newcastle    84 Edinburgh Select 95      
15/10/78 Newcastle     72 Anlaby Aces Hull 106      
22/10/78 Anlaby Aces    116 Newcastle   63      
22/10/78 Tranby Diamonds (Hull)  "B" 75 Newcastle   53      
29/10/78 Edinburgh Select 101 Newcastle   74      
29/10/78 Edinburgh "B"   109 Newcastle "B" 68      
  05/11/78: Newcastle Riders Championships    
1st. T Kirkup (Sen Champ)  19 after run-off    
2nd  M Hoult 19        
3rd A Patterson 18        
1st. R Archer (Jnr Champ) 19        
2nd A McIntyre 17        
3rd  D Mitchell 16        

1978 Leading Averages
The leading riders were: -        
Terry Kirkup 12.33      
Micky Hoult 12.25      
Rob Gittus 12.00      
Steve Bain 11.96      
Ashie Patterson 11.84      
Tony Forster 11.66      
The list of riders who rode in official meetings in 1978 are:-
T Kirkup, M Hoult, R Gittus, A Patterson, S Bain, T Forster, D Armstrong, F Mitchell, C Grant, D Mitchell, R Archer, J Stewart, R Clarke, A Dixon, D Baxter, A Mcintyre, P Loveday, K Baxter, K Wallace, L Wallace
A lot was achieved in just over a month and the 1979 season was highly anticipated.

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