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This page is devoted to Photographs as we collect them throughout the years. They are in no particular order.  To enable the website to grow, If you have any photos please email me Keith and I will add them to this page.

South London
v Newcastle 1950
Courtesy of Bill Gadsby via Les Gustafson
Courtesy of Bill Gadsby via Les Gustafson

Chewing Gum Cards
A & BC All Sports Cycle Speedway Cards
Rob Hunt  Henk De Bruin Lew Grepp  Alan Packham
  All 4 cards courtesy of John Levitt   
Keith says: Cycle Speedway was very popular in the early 1950s, as were cigarette cards.  John has traced four such cards as shown, If anyone has any more, or access to them please contact John

 Newcastle "Orange & Blacks" v Annfield 1983
Three photos from the 1983 match held at Fawdon. Newcastle Orange and Blacks defeated Annfield (Edinburgh), 100-78 in a Lothian League meeting.  Gavin Parr would be about 9 in this match!

Cathkin Park
Glasgow's Cathkin Park has reopened after a lengthy gap. Two photos from a recent visit by Northumbria.


Redbraes Park Edinburgh 
The all important start
Points shared going into the last lap
Jason Keith of Northumbria in the lead.
If you have photos of any cycle speedway track please scan and email me John and I will put your photos on this page

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