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Newcastle 2012
As 2012 began, the number of riders returning to the sport was increasing. Facilities were still basic, but at least there was a decent surface to race on, and many ad hoc meetings were held on Saturdays at the new Cramlington base.
Riders who gave it a try up to March were, Gavin and Mick Parr, Norman Carson, Paul and Andy Dickinson, Terry Kirkup, Jason Keith, Neil Magee, Ashie Patterson, John Wilson, Fred Mitchell, Jim Graham, Jim Smith, Keith Oldham, Keith Thompson and Keith Dyer.
It was felt that perhaps the team could take part in some away meetings. the idea being that veterans from other clubs would jump at the chance to race again, if only for one meeting. Secretary, Keith Dyer contacted teams in the Northern League and a number of challenge meetings were arranged. As there was no track to invite visitors to, the team was christened Newcastle Nomads, and so for the first time since 1991 (apart from the one-off at Hull in 1995) set off on their travels, older but no wiser.
Newcastle Nomads 2012
Newcastle Nomads 2012 Line up in red and black at the top of the above photo item: - Standing l-r Jim Graham Gavin Parr Neil Magee Ashie Patterson. Kneeling l-r Mick Parr Terry Kirkup Jason Keith Fred Mitchell.
The lower photo above is of Newcastle Nomads at Bury, Lancs CSC 2012 the personnel are: -
Standing l-r Terry Kirkup Jim Smith Neil Magee Dan Redshaw Jim Graham Fred Mitchell Jason Keith
Kneeling l-r Gavin Parr Keith Dyer John Wilson
22 April 2012  Edinburgh v Newcastle A Team (Nomads) Away Won 62-88
22 April 2012  Edinburgh v Newcastle B Team Away Lost 95-55
The first trip was to Redbraes Park Edinburgh on 22 April, this was symbolic in away, as it was an Edinburgh supporter who planted the seed of a revival in 2011. Two meetings were arranged. The first was the Newcastle A team against a mainly Scottish veteran side. Newcastle surprised everyone, including themselves by taking a fine 26 point win.
Edinburgh 62  
John Murphy 10(4), Marcin Czakowski 11(5), Gavin Kennedy 13(5), Colin Cairney 2(2), Tommy Lee 12+1(5), Dave Baxter 9+2(5), Derek Lee 1(1), Chic Mackie 4+1 (3).  
Newcastle A 
Mick Parr 17+2(5), Jason Keith 17+2(5), John Wilson 15+(5), Terry Kirkup 9(4), Gavin Parr 19+1(5), Ashie Patterson 6(3), Fred Mitchell 3(2), Keith Oldham 2(1).  88
Newcastle's B Team then took on a somewhat stronger Edinburgh side consisting of mainly young  league riders. Not surprisingly Newcastle were comprehensively beaten, with many of the older riders considering retirement!
Edinburgh  95
Chris Lee 15+1(4
), Douglas Morgan 13+1(4), Michael Lee 17+3(5), Marcin Czarkowski 8+2(3), Mark Lee 12+2(4), Calum Slight 16(4), Paul Kelly 8(3), Ewan Kennedy 6+1(4).  
Newcastle B 55
Fred Mitchell 12(5), Keith Dyer 3(3), Keith Oldham 3(3), Jim Smith 5(5), Neil Magee 11+1(5), Norman Carson 6(5), Terry Kirkup 11(3), Ash Patterson 4(2).  
The meeting brought up a rare if not unique situation. Five members of the Lee family rode in Edinburgh's teams.
John says: I note Christopher Lee top scored for Edinburgh no doubt he would have flown like a bat!  Ok Keith, sorry no more jokes from me!
Astley & Tyldesley v Newcastle Nomads Away Won 63-87
Newcastle headed down to Wigan to face an Astley and Tyldesley side who had really entered the spirit of things. Roy Heslop and Ron Makin, were current riders, although both officially classed as veterans. Coaches, Mike Hack and Will Evans hadn't rode competitively for a few years. George Hughes was making his debut for Astley, having last raced at East London. Fred Rothwell, organiser of the veterans series, Euro Vets was in his 61st year, while Chris Snell was a newcomer to the sport.
A very entertaining match took place under the 15 heat formula. The Newcastle 1-6 took four rides each, allowing Patterson and Graham at reserve to have three rides. In the end, Newcastle had enough power at the top end with Gavin Parr and Jason Keith unbeaten. A 24 point win for the Nomads, still unbeaten.
Astley and Tyldesley 63  
Ron Makin 12+2(5), George Hughe 14+1(5), Will Evans 7(4), Chris Snell 7(5), Fred Rothwell 16+2(6), Mike Hack 7+1(5).  
Newcastle 87 
Mick Parr 13(4), Terry Kirkup 13+1(4), Jason Keith 16(4), Fred Mitchell 9(4), Gavin Parr 15+1(4), Neil Magee 10+1(4), Ash Patterson 8+2(3), JimGraham3(3). 
27 May 2012 Hull v Newcastle Nomads Away Lost 76-73
A trip to Yorkshire was the next meeting, held 2 weeks after Astley. Newcastle faced a tough challenge from a Hull side containing British Champion Andy Angell and International Adam Stevenson. The weather was atrocious the meeting was held in continuous rain, on a very heavy track, testing everyone's fitness. This may have levelled things up as Newcastle were only four points down after 11 of the 15 heats. There was heartache for the visitors in the next heat. Taking his only ride, reserve Neil Magee took the lead with Gavin Parr holding the Hull pairing back. Unfortunately after three laps, Neil's wheel caught the concrete on the outside, and he fell badly injuring his shoulder, A 7-3 for the visitors followed by a shared heat meant with one heat Newcastle led by one point. Fitness finally caught up with the Newcastle pairing of the Parr brothers, as the super strong pairing of Angell and Stephenson raced to a 7-3, and a three point win over the Nomads.
A second meeting was held, full details will be added when traced. Help Keith if you can, by emailing him here Keith
23 June 2012 Sheffield v Newcastle A Team Away Lost 78-71
Sheffield's Cookson Park was next on the fixture list. The home side was made up veterans and ever improving reserves. Newcastle came up with a cunning plan in drafting in ex Sheffield rider Jason Burke. Jason had retired after serious illness, but sweet talking Gavin Parr had him pulling on a Newcastle jersey for the day. It turned out to be another close and entertaining clash, it was neck and neck until a Mawhood, Morton 7-3 gave the home team a seven point lead. Newcastle were just holding on until the same Sheffield duo slammed in another 7=3 in heat 12. The highlight was probably the last heat when an exhausted Jason Burke and Gavin Parr took a 7-3. Poor Jason had Gavin shouting at him for four laps to keep going, he did, just. Gavin was unbeaten with 20 points Sheffield won by seven points.
Sheffield 78  
Mick Knowles 9+1(4), Dave Robinson 7+1(4), Richard Hudson 7+1(3), Zac Smurthwaite 11+1(4), Liam Webster 14(4), Luke German 8(4), Luke Morton 15 +2(5), Rob Mawhood 7+1(2).  
Newcastle 71
Jason Keith 13(4), Neil Magee 4(3), Jason Burke (G), 15+1(5), Ash Patterson 7(4), Gavin Parr 20 (5), Jim Smith 4+1(3), Jim Graham 6(4), Dan Redshaw2(2).  
23 June 2012 Sheffield v Newcastle B Team Away Lost 87-61
The elder statesmen took to the track for the second meeting, boosted by teenage newcomer Dan Redshaw, and another Sheffield based rider Matthew Akers, a rugby man having his first cycle meeting. Good performances came from Redshaw and Ashie Patterson who dropped just one point from his three rides. Sheffield were comfortable 26 points winners.
Sheffield 87
Kyle Holland
15+1(4) Matt Parrott 7(4), James Unwin 17(5), Adam Watson 13+2(5), Brian Green 11+3(4), Adrian Brownell 12(3), Luke Morton 9+1(3), Rob Mawhood 3(2).
Newcastle 61  
Norman Carsonn 7+1(5), Neil Magee 11(4), Dan Redshaw12(5), Jim Smith 5+1(4), Keith Dyer 6(2), Matthew Akers (G) 5(4), Jim Graham 4+1(2), Ash Patterson 11(3).
12 August 2012 Bury v Newcastle Away Won 79-101
It was Bury's turn  for their vets, and it was great to see them entering the spirit of things. Fred Rothwell sneaked in for his second match, having ridden for Astley earlier in the year. In keeping with elastic rules, Newcastle's number 9 and 10, Smith and Dyer had one ride, as did George Young for Bury. Newcastle's top four were in great form, highlight was another Gavin Parr maximum, with Terry Kirkup getting a season's best of paid 19. The visitors coped well seeing Mick Parr was missing, strangely on holiday rather than riding! For the home side Steven Whitaker had the beating of everyone except Gavin. At the half way stage, Nomads had an eight point lead, then Bury's riders started feeling the pace, and Newcastle finished strongly to win by 22 points.
Bury 79  
Steve Whitaker 19(5), Steve Berry 7(5), John Whiting 12(5), Mike Berry 5(4), Fred Rothwell 15(5), Seve Mann 10+2(5), Dave O'Callaghan 6(3), Joe Holloren 3(3), George Young 2(1).  
Newcastle 101  
Jason Keith 16+2(5), Terry Kirkup 17+2(5), John Wilson 17(5), Fred Mitchell 8(4), Gavin Parr 20(5), Neil Magee 9(4), Jim Graham 4(3), D Redshaw 8+3(3), Jim Smith 1(1), Keith Dyer 1(1).
19 August 2012 Wednesfield Aces v Newcastle Nomads Away
Newcastle made their longest journey of the year when they travelled to Wolverhampton to race against the famous Wednesfield side.  Again Wednesfield entered into the spirit of things, racing with a full complement of vets. Newcastle used ten riders instead of eight to allow the travelling side all to have a ride. Once again Newcastle used a local guest, Garry Pearce, a friend of Neil Magee agreed to come out of retirement for the day.

Unfortunately come the start time, Jason Keith and Terry Kirkup had not arrived. They were travelling from the Lake District, but thanks to the wonder of sat nav were directed to another Ashmore Park on the wrong side of Wolverhampton! Eventually they were directed to the track by phone, and  made it. In order to keep the spectators amused while waiting, they were treated to the spectacle of Newcastle cheerleaders Jim Smith and Keith Dyer being forced onto track to be humiliated by some of the home sides riders. The results shall remain a secret.
John says: Now come on Keith how many lasts did you and Jimmy notch up?  Me? well if I had been there I would have cried of with my bad back and the fact that I hadn't ridden a bike since I was frightened by a horseless carriage!
When the meeting finally got under way, Wednesfield were dominant, Newcastle failing to gain a heat advantage, heat winners were Gavin Parr (2), Jason Keith (1), and a superb two wins from Garry Pearce. For Wednesfield surprisingly only Mark Griffiths remained unbeaten as his team claimed a 23 points victory. The scores follow below: -
Wednesfield  101
Mark Griffiths 19+1(5), Kevin Marson 10+1(4), Mick Aris 14+1(5), Ged Banks 9+1(4), Dave Meanley 18+2(2), Roger Ellis 5(3), Pete Rhodes 14+1(5), Paul Hemming10+1(4), N/k 2+1(1).  101
Newcastle 78 
Jason Keith 11+1(4), Terry Kirkup 7(4), Mick Parr 9(4), Fred Mitchell 5+1(4), Gavin Parr 15(4)Neil Magee 5(3), Jim Graham 5+1(3), Dan Redshaw 4(3), Garry Pearce 13+1(4), Keith Oldham 4(3).
30 September 2012 Sheffield v Newcastle
Newcastle returned to Sheffield to race at their second track, Graves. It was a long day as Sheffield faced Birmingham in an Elite League meeting, as well as the two Newcastle meetings. Sheffield were a stronger side this time around, and they won easily against a Nomad's side missing Mick Parr. Sheffield were solid throughout, only Zac Smurthwaite was unbeaten, taking three wins from reserve. Gavin Parr led the way for the visitors with four wins and a fall. Jason Keith had two late wins and John Wilson one.
In the second meeting Sheffield tracked two under tens, four veterans and an all female pairing at one and two. Ellie Sullivan powered to a superb paid maximum , while her partner, Vicky Brown who has represented the English Women's National team dropped just one point to Fred Mitchell. Just one heat win for Newcastle who were well led by Dan Redshaw as they went down by 23 points
28 October 2012  Edinburgh v Newcastle
Newcastle returned to Redbraes Park for their final trip of 2012. It was a close meeting with the sides equally balanced. Newcastle judged ahead and with one heat remaining, only a 7-3 in the final race would be enough for Edinburgh to snatch a win. With the four top riders going to the tapes, anything could happen Unfortunately for the home side, Craig Newsome fell and was excluded, Mikey Hewitson went on to win the rerun  but not enough to prevent the visitors take a well deserved six point victory.
The second match was again close with Edinburgh going on to win win by ten points. Terry Kirkup, Fred Mitchell and Dan Redshaw led the way for the Nomads, while Edinburgh were solid throughout.
Edinburgh 71  
Mikey Hewitson 14+1(5), Mark Lee 9(4), Craig Newsome 15(5), Paul Kelly 4(3), Neil McPherson 12+2(5), Chris Lee 12(4), Douglas Morgan 3+1(2), Calum Cairney 2(2).  71
Newcastle 77  
Jason Keith 15+3(5), Fred Mitchell 9+1(4), Mick Parr 10(5), Terry Kirkup 15+2(5), Gavin Parr 16(5), Dan Redshaw 7(3), Jim Graham 3(2), Jim Smith 1(1).   77
Edinburgh 80
Douglas Morgan 17(5), Calum Cairney 8+2(5), Paul Kelly 13+3(5), Ian Swanson 14+1(5), Ewan Kennedy 12+3(5), Ian McKinley 16(5).  80
Newcastle 70 
Jim Graham 13(5), Jim Smith 5(5), Keith Dyer 5(5), Terry Kirkup 16(5), Fred Mitchell 15(5), Dan Redshaw 16+1(5).  70
That should have been the end of our team matches, but there was one surprise to come. At a general meeting it was decided that as 2012 had been a success, the side should make a claim for league status in 2013. In order to do this an improved set up at the Cramlington base would be needed. To this end it was decided to have a permanent track with a temporary concrete inside and outside perimeter base. To trial this the Sheffield club agreed to have two meetings at the late date of 10 November.
The meeting was refereed by Alan Hewitson who kindly came down from Edinburgh and would report to the Northern League on the facilities.
Sheffield found the conditions tricky, but gave 100%  in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The meeting was professionally videoed for history! The meeting was won easily by Newcastle, but that was unimportant, the day went superbly, and was the forerunner of a fantastic season to follow.
For the second meeting Newcastle gave debuts to three keen young riders who initially came to watch. Newcastle would have won the meeting, but decided to give everyone at least one ride. Sheffield tracked a young side themselves, star of the show was Sheffield's James Bunting. The young rider rode unbeaten, as his team won the meeting by four points.
Harry Cassells 2(2), Norman Carson 12(4), Dan Redshaw 14+1(5), Keith Oldham 8+1(3), Jim Graham 9(3), Richie Smith 10+1(4), Keith Dyer 5(2), Adam Wright 1(1), Sam Smart 2.


Ed Morton 8+2(4), Morgan Turner 12(5), Jack Brownell 11(4), Joe Brownell 6+1(4), Ellie Sullivan 5+1(2), James Bunting 20, Adrian Brownell 2(1), Niall Morton 3+1(1).  67
As well as the veterans challenge meetings, there had been plenty of other meetings to fill the season.
20 October 2012  Newcastle Riders Championship
This event has a long history going back to the 1960s. The first full result we have is from 1978, with three of today's riders taking part. Terry Kirkup in fact the champion with 19 points following a run-off with Mick Hoult. Ash Patterson was third with 18 and Fred Mitchell was 6th with 14 points.
As expected Gavin Parr won the meeting, riding unbeaten. Jason Keith dropped his only point to Gavin with evergreen Terry Kirkup third.
Position Name Points Scored                                                     
1st Gavin Parr 20
2nd Jason Keith 19
3rd Terry Kirkup 18
4th John Wilson 16
5th Fred Mitchell 15
6th Mick Parr 14
7th Jim Graham 14
8th Ash Patterson 13
9th Keith Oldham 12
10th Jim Smith 11
11th Dan Redshaw 9
12th Neil Magee 8
13th Richie Smith 8
14th Keith Dyer 7
15th Norman Carson 6
3rd November  2012  The Olympique
Another individual meeting was The Olympique,  raced on 3rd November 2012, named after the long running speedway event of the same name, The meeting is run as a handicap event with riders having to start their races based on points scored in their previous race. After four qualifying races A, B and C finals were held, points scored were added to the qualifying heats to decide the placings. All of this made no difference to Gavin Parr who raced unbeaten. Jason Keith was second and joint third were Terry Kirkup (A rider) and Ash Patterson (B rider).
Gavin Parr 20(A) Jason Keith 18(A), Terry Kirkup 15(A), Ash Patterson 15(B), John Wilson 14(A), Mick Parr 13(B), Jim Smith 12(C), Dan Redshaw 12(C),  Fred Mitchell 11(B), Jim Graham 10(B), Norman Carson 10(C), Keith Dyer 5(C).. 
The 2012 Grand Prix
The Grand Prix was devised by team manager Neil Magee. Five individual meetings would be held, but with a difference. Prior to the first round Neil calculated all of the riders averages, then bonus points were given to each rider, lower average meant more bonus points. For example, Gavin Parr with the highest average has no bonus points, and therefore his highest score could only be 20,eg five wins and no bonuses. Another rider could score 13 points and have 7 bonuses, equaling 20. The idea was that in theory all riders could end up level. In practice, the system did work very well, with only a few points separating the top scorers.
14th April 2012 GP Round 1
Gavin Parr 20 +0, Mick Parr 19+4, John Wilson 18+4, Ash Patterson 16+5, Fred Mitchell 16+6, Jason Keith 15+5, Neil Magee 15+7, Jim Graham 13+8, Terry Kirkup 11+3, Jim Smith 10+9, Keith Dyer 10+11. 11 riders took part
9th June 2012 GP Round 2
Gavin Parr 20+0, Terry Kirkup 18+7, Jason Keith 17+4, Mick Parr 17+1, John Wilson 17+2,  Fred Mitchell 15+3, Jim Graham 14+6, Ash Patterson 13+3, Jim Smith 12+6, Keith Oldham 11+6, Richie Smith 10+9, John Ferry 9+9, Neil Magee 8+4,Dan Redshaw 8+10, Keith Dyer 6+8. 15 riders took part.
4th August 2012 GP Round 3
Gavin Parr 20+0,Jason Keith 19+3 John Wilson 18+2, Mick Parr17+2, Ashie Patterson 16+4, Fred Mitchell 15+4, Neil Magee 14+7, Dan Redshaw 13+10, Jim Graham 12+5, Richie Smith 11+8, Keith Dyer 10+10, Terry Kirkup 9+4, Jim Smith 3+6. 13 riders took part.
22nd September 2012 GP Round 4  
Gavin Parr 20+0, John Wilson 19+2, Jason Keith 16+2, Fred Mitchell 15+4, Terry Kirkup 15+6, Jim Graham 15+6, Ash Patterson 14+4, Andy Murray 14+8, Dan Redshaw 12+8, Norman Carson 11+8, Jim Smith 10+8, Neil Magee 10+6, Mick Parr 8+2, Richie Smith 7+8, Keith Dyer 6+9. 15 riders took part.
17th November 2012 GP Round 5  
Gavin Parr 20+0, Jason Keith 19+2, Terry Kirkup 17+5, John Wilson 16+2, Mick Parr 16+2, Jim Graham 14+5, Fred Mitchell 14+4, Dan Redshaw 12+7, Ash Patterson 12+4, Jim Smith 2+8, Norman Carson 11+7,Paul Dickinson 9+8, Richie Smith 9+9, Keith Dyer 7+10. Neil Magee 6+7. 15 riders took part.
June 4th and 5th 2012  British Individual Veteran's Championship at Wolverhampton
Newcastle riders took part in the British Individual Veteran's Championship held over the bank holiday on June 4th and 5th. The over 40s and over 60s were held at the East Park track Wolverhampton, the biggest track in the sport at 95 meters per lap. Riders also had to put up with continual rain. Gavin Parr's wonderful season continued when he came second in the over 40s with 19 points. He was only beaten by Chris Turner of Sheffield who took the title with a maximum 20 points. Jason Keith was by no means disgraced as he collected 10 points. In the over 60s event, Terry Kirkup took part, and came 4th with 17 points. Terry dropped his points only to the top three in the meeting won by Birmingham's Bob Prince The over 50s meeting was held at Birmingham, with Ashie Patterson representing Newcastle. However, he was only able to pick up 6 points against a very strong field.
Overall it was a terrific performance from the Newcastle riders, considering this was their first competitive season back in the sport.
There were numerous local challenge meetings held from January to November, details will follow at a later time, so watch this space.
We are endeavoring to record on the website all available information about Newcastle's cycle speedway exploits and hope to obtain many photos etc.  If you can help us please email Keith or John and we will put your info/photos on the website

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